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Hi all- Another 'soldier' tackling trd, mdd for over forty years, got about ten years' relief with zoloft but it quit about eight months ago. looked into tms, was approved by medicare, the first five treatments went well at the lowest intensity, I even felt stronger, less depressed, hopeful there was a way 'out' of this horror show called depression. At my sixth treatment the intensity was raised a bit, just slightly, and now I'm deathly afraid for my seventh treatment which is later on today, as the slightly higher intensity had me feeling like my right eye was being sucked out of my head. It was so bad I screamed and cried both foreign to me. This leaves me with: 1- I know I cannot continue at that intensity, 2-can I continue at the lower intensity and ultimately get antidepressant results, 3- where do I do from here if the lower intensity will not be done by the TMS providers? I am having a rough time wondering what will happen if I cannot continue. I also live in an area where medical care and newer type treatments are lacking. Any major centers where they do newer type FDA approved procedures are minimally two hours away. Anyone have such an intense reaction while being treated with TMS?
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What is TMS?
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