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Default Light Therapy

Hello. There are lots of articles about seasonal sadness and the use of light therapy. I wondered if someone could suggest specific products. Thank you.
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Default Re: Light Therapy

I've wondered about light therapy as well, read to be careful too with it.

In my state when I Google light therapy some places show up. The float center I will go to offers light therapy sessions, I think I will give it a try.

I tried a tanning bed a few times from the gym, the winter time idk remember right now if I felt it helped.. in the summer I did this too and felt refreshed but I was working out back then too which could had contributed.
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Default Re: Light Therapy

When I moved to Finland, SAD Lamps were a must for me. I was not at all ready for long nights of 4 1/2 hours sunlight max.

The lamps helped me extensively. I received a lamp from my mother in-law that is only in Finland. However, I have heard good things of Beurer lamps.
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Default Re: Light Therapy

Uusally you want one With a 10,000-lux intensity (a measure of the strength of the light illumination. light therapy typically involves daily sessions of about 20 to 30 minutes. But a lower-intensity light box, such as 2,500 lux, may require longer sessions. You should be able to find on the box or product specifications the lux. Word of warning, going online you may find some bill themselves as for light therapy, but if they don't have 10,000 lux it may not truly be therapeutic. Also watch if you have bipolar, light therapy can trigger mania or hypomania
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