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Default Re: Caffeine for depression..

Originally Posted by still_crazy View Post
i don't know your insurance situation, but if caffeine helps, a doctor might be willing to try provigil or nuvigil. they're very similar drugs, and both very expensive (that's why the insurance situation might be the deciding factor on if you can try it or not...). Most stimulants are in Schedule II of the DEA Schedule, which means that they're considered highly addictive, etc., plus each prescription requires a new, written prescription (in my state, anyway).

Both Provigil and NuVigil are in Schedule IV, which is where the benzodiazepines live, too. If your shrink went for it, you could possibly get refills, have prescriptions called in, etc. Makes life much, much easier. Both Provigil and NuVigil are FDA-approved for narcolepsy and some other sleep disorders, but they're basically 21st century stimulants...less addictive than amphetamines or Ritalin, less euphoria, less risk of agitation, psychosis, etc.

The other (old school) option would be a traditional upper. Ritalin used to be the go-to drug when stimulants were used in depression. Amphetamines are far more popular now, overall. I personally did better on Ritalin than amphetamines, at least w/ other psych drugs on board.

Other than that...I don't have much advice. Wellbutrin could be an option, depending on your history and the other drugs you're prescribed. Now and then, Mirapex is used in some forms of depression.

Sorry you're going thru this. As much as most shrinks seem to hate prescribing both uppers and downers at the same time, that combination -does- help some people with some forms of depression. My depressive episodes are now far easier to deal with than in years past, but...ritalin+a benzodiazepine+a tranquilizer/antipsychotic (low-to-mid dose) got me up out of the pits in years past.

good luck.
what is mirapex?
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My Mood: Caffeine for depression..

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Default Re: Caffeine for depression..

Caffeine used to give me a rush of euphoria when I drank it. It doesn't seem to as much anymore even if I stop drinking it for awhile and start again (to reduce tolerance). I wonder if it's the higher dose of meds I'm on now that prevent feelings like that because I take a mood stabilizer and is supposed to keep moods balanced, no mania etc and euphoria is a part of that.

Anyway, I think it can be effective sometimes, but not sure if it's the healthiest option for reducing depression. Maybe once in awhile to give a boost and low moods and lack of energy but I feel that there may be other more long lasting ways like CBT or DBT, or meds if necessary.

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Default Re: Caffeine for depression..

Originally Posted by InfiniteSadness View Post
Seems to help somewhat.
It helps me some, too. Some people feel it's a good thing to help the mood. I tend to sometimes have to much and then I'm nervous.
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My Mood: Caffeine for depression..

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Default Re: Caffeine for depression..

For some reason, my doctor has emphasized, "caffeine is not an antidepressant!" This is because I think he believes in meds being the solution to my depression (he's right). I think it's largely also because caffeine is not a medicine, per se. So, while caffeine can be helpful short-term, I don't think it's a long-term solution to my problems. It does make me happy in the moment though (caffeine does). But that's also because I'm on my meds!
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