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Default Re: Best B Complex Vitamin Brand for MH?

Originally Posted by still_crazy View Post
hi. i take vitacost brand b-50 complex. mine are "delayed release," which I guess is sort of like time release (?). At any rate, I take 4 of these in the AM, and 4 again in the PM, with a hearty meal each time. I also take loads of other vitamins and antioxidants (my own version of Orthomolecular).

I find the "delayed release" gets the job done, but with far less stomach irritation than an equivalent amount of the...I guess "normal release" (?)...version. I still take mine with food, but I haven't had any stomach problems at all, and I'd sometimes get a mild upset stomach taking normal release b-vitamins, even with a decent sized meal.

Orthomolecular is a term coined by Linus Pauling in the late 60s to describe a form of treatment for various ailments that uses high doses of vitamins and sometimes amino acids. Before Pauling, Dr. Abram Hoffer, a Canadian psychiatrist, had put together some vitamin cocktails for his psychotic patients and called his protocols "Mega-Vitamin Treatment for the Schizophrenias."

Note the plural in "Schizophrenias." My official diagnosis is Bipolar I, but lots of people with all sorts of diagnoses would be considered to have some sort of Schizophrenia under the Orthomolecular criteria.

Orthomolecular mostly involves readily accessible, generally inexpensive, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. The experts recommend that one seek out a doctor to start the program and supervise your progress, but I've done fairly well just by researching it and doing some good ole fashioned trial and error. Your mileage may vary, of course.

If you're interested, here's a website that goes into detail about all things Orthomolecular, including Orthomolecular psychiatry. Andrew Saul's Natural Health Website
This Orthomolecular sounds really interesting, I will look into that therapy that you mention. I also am a believer that some mental health issues can be stored out with vitamins etc...

Originally Posted by splitimage View Post
I take a couple of B vitamins recommended by my Dr., but the vitamin I feel most beneficial to my mental health is vitamin D. I know when I take it, it definitely improves my mood.

Yes to be honest stumbled on a lot of research saying Vitamin D deficiency can be a major link to depression issues.... Even bought a good ebook on Amazon about this issue. Looking into buying some high potency Vitiman D, pills although doesn't bring it in the sun long enough help with that? Just started the e book, so I should find out...
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Default Re: Best B Complex Vitamin Brand for MH?

I like solgar B complex with vitamin C.
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Things I deal with:
Schizophrenia, residual; complex PTSD; complex and severe dissociation; mood disturbances.

I joined my crazyness since there was not a way to figth against it. And I grow everyday, between fear and confusion.

Meds: hydroxyzine, clonazepam, pregabalin, for any problem I have. Occasional use. I won't take APs or ADs.
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