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Hey. Vsauce. Michael here.

This site helped me a lot. I didn't find the reasons behind my feelings here, but it had a big role. Since September last year, I my life started getting worse. If I seeked for help earlier, It might have not even come this far. What I describe myself as, is something like a quantum computer with a lot of "errors".

What I know for sure, is that I have DpDr, Depression & Health/anxiety. I am also supposedly "Antisocial". But I don't care. I wouldn't care if I didn't want to die. Which I wanted to. But it would be too selfish.

I thought my whole life that I am "Perfectionist". But it started getting worse. Maybe OCD? I don't know. I know nothing. I sometimes feel like falling asleep forever.

By the way if a kid gets raped, but doesn't know what sex is, and is cooperating, is it still rape?

Yeah. Umm.. Ok. I don't even want to get better. I've got used to being this way. I've got used to being myself. I'm just a jerk so I'm posting this. Thank you for your answers.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess there is a sense in which, if you can be accepting of yourself just the way you are (even if you feel you're messed up), then perhaps that's an okay place to be. I guess there is a sense in which that's where I'm at as well. You asked "if a kid gets raped, but doesn't know what sex is, and is cooperating, is it still rape?" My personal opinion would be yes absolutely! It's still rape. And I'm confident it would be considered to be such by the authorities where I live. (Of course I can't speak for where you live.) I hope you're okay...
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I'm so sorry you're struggling, Copia Are you getting the help you need and deserve? Do you see a therapist? Maybe that could help. Please don't give up. I'm glad we were able to help a bit. Life can still get better. Don't throw it all way. You seem to be self-aware, and that's great! Try to take some more steps towards healing. Take it one step at the time. Take baby steps. You can do this! You're strong, I know that. I believe in you. And yes, a kid who is cooperating and doesn't know what sex is, like most kid, is still a kid who's being raped. I hope you're doing ok. Stay safe and take care of yourself. Stay strong, Copia. I hope you'll feel better soon. Is there anything we can do to help you? Please let us know. Remember that we're here for you if you need it. Feel free to PM me anytime. Let me know if I can do something to help you. Wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes. Sending many hugs to you
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