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Default Hypochondria

Hey. I'm fourteen. And I am hypochondriac.. Of course those things I'm about to tell you indeed happening to me. And I am pretty sure that they might be connected to my hypochondria. I was going to therapist. But I wasn't there looong time. I have ADHD and Depersonalization. I discussed it with my special pedagogue which happens to be therapist as well. Its not official but from our discussions, she said that my depersonalization, severe depression and anxiety are from childhood trauma. (I don't remember anything from under 10 years..) So I wanted to know If my Hypochondriac behaviour can be connected to those other things.

Please accept those "symptoms" as true and don't take them as made ups from my hypochondria. Thank you and I appreciate your answer.
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Default Re: Hypochondria

Hi Copia.

Symptoms come from somewhere...not from nowhere. But reasons why are less important than finding ways to alleviate invasive symptoms. Words are powerful things....labelling a person as...or labelling oneself as 'hypochondriac' is counterproductive in my opinion. Having your severe depression treated by a caring and invested physician first and foremost is your first step...the why and wherefore can maybe come later.

I wish you all the very best moving forward Copia...Welcome to PC
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Default Re: Hypochondria

I believe you. I may be saying something that others will disagree with. My sister is a hypochondriac and so am I. I personally dont see as bad. I mean we only have one life to life. So why not keep a close eye on things. I believe that your symptoms are from what your therapist thinks they are from, trauma. Trauma can make anxiety worse but from what you said you dont sound like a hypochondriac to me. Can you explain further why you might feel that way? Do you fear illnesses or diseases?
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Default Re: Hypochondria

I'm so sorry, Copia What makes you think you are hypochondriac? Do you fear anything in particular? Have you ever self-diagnosed yourself? Either way, I'd talk to your doctor about this if you have this feeling. Maybe that could help. From what you wrote, it sounds like you were properly diagnosed, so there's no reason not to believe you. I'm so sorry, please don't give up. I hope you'll find the help you need. Wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this
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