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Default Too much to handle

I want this the end, I want all of this to just burn down. Im so tired of trying to push through life only to be reminded of how meaningless this all is. What makes people get up just to get on with the same boring, monotonous routine, day in day out. I cant help but feel like existence is just a burden and life is just a 70 year long uphill battle just jumping through ****in hoops so we can just suffer slowly and die once were old and sick. I cant make any steps forward without the first thought being.....why bother? All lives end the same there is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow of dissapointment we just stop breathing and get put in a hole to rot. I dont wanna deal with the constant state of stress life puts you in. Between watching my parents finally snap with each other for surpressing the urge to strangle each other for 20 years, watching my mom get depressed and losing her memory and my dad whos full of rage and resentment watching my mom piss his money away and now he wants all of us to talk about this which is just gonna end in screaming and tears, i want to avoid it, i dont wanna see my family come apart at the seams. Im tired of watching my peers all going to parties and traveling while i just work at my boring job with people who drive me nuts praying that i get to go home to my room and just play video games, closest I get to happy is when im alone doing that. My parents always wondering why all i care about is video games and fantasy not like anything in this boring miserable world is interesting its no wonder ive always loved comin home and sitting at my computer. They always give you the same **** too like "eh life sucks deal with it" or "if you hate your job just get a new one" like that'll change anything its all boring and tedious no matter where you go. Why do i feel like a foriegner to this world, ever since i was a kid i never felt comfortable no matter what social situation im in and i still feel that way. I just feel like im some obsessive nerd ranting about warhammer and dragonball and superheroes and nobody could honestly give a ****. So I just keep quiet, not like i enjoy socialising in the first place if anything social activities are what i usually evade and every time i want to go out and have an adventure I just end up goin out just to get sick of being around people and wanting to go home. Besides being ugly, overweight, and of course balding like an old man at 20 but also still bedwetting like a god damn toddler I dont even see the point in getting a girlfriend as it just seems like an opportunity for more problems to enter my life. Ive been thinking of ending it nearly everyday and im eating fast food crap all the time and i dont seem to care that im gaining my lost weight back(or maybe ive just become self-destructive) I dont even shower or brush my teeth I feel like im not in control of myself anymore and having my mind just bombarding me with all the miserable memories my life has produced and I want out. I see life for what it is and thats a tragic burden, nothin will change my constant state of existential resentment and depression and its only a matter of time before i snap. Thanks to anyone who read this or replies I honestly cant fathom why people would give a **** that im a loser but thank you nonetheless.
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Default Re: Too much to handle

I care and I don't think you are a loser. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Have you ever considered that you may be displaying signs of depression? Sending big hugs.
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Default Re: Too much to handle

I'm in a kind of the same boat. But rationally I can look at it and say, the key to understanding and perspective is talking things through. I have difficulty talking with people offline, but this community is very supportive, and with time it's possible to unwrap and go through your problems one at a time (or sometimes all together), and somehow, at least for me, things, though still not brilliant, at least stop looking as catastrophic as previously. And fortunately you don't get abused or banned for bringing up issues that seem pathetic or trivial here, unlike on other forums.

...So, I hope you stick around.
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Default Re: Too much to handle

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Default Re: Too much to handle

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Default Re: Too much to handle

Hey Matt
You have no idea how much I can relate to your situation (or maybe you do?), it's almost like we're the same person. All those family issues (which family, right?), problems with socializing, self-destructive life habits, using the computer to escape this s****y reality, hating my body, feeling like a failure in everything I attempt and especially feeling like a foreigner in this world since I was born.
I still haven't found a solution for all this, and this drives me mad even more. I can't stand remaining in this situation anymore and not knowing how to change it makes me feel like a looser even more.
But I sincerely do care for you, maybe also because I know how this feels.
I sincerely hope that you keep remaining your strength and won't give in to this temting desire to end your life. Because I am convinced that you deserve to have the life you whish for and that you are just of the same worth as all those other people who get to have those perfect lives that I/you wish to have.
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Default Re: Too much to handle

I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad about yourself. Those things you wrote about yourself are not true. You're valuable and you matter. I can relate to some of the things you say.. so you're not alone in this
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