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Default Anxiety or just not a social person?

So, I don't like people. I mean I can socialize for a little bit before it just becomes too much and I have to be alone. I lock myself in my room because I don't like socializing, even with my family. My mom has been saying that it's anxiety and that she's wanting me to be put on medication. But I don't think that's what it is, I don't feel like it's anxiety anyways. I'm just not a social person, never really was, always shy.
She also thinks that I would do things if I was put on Medication, but if I wanted to do something I would, but where i live there's nothing to do anyways so I stay in my room alone.
I just don't want to be put on medication if I feel like I don't need it. Both my mom and aunty are like diagnosing me with generalized anxiety and stuff and it's kind of annoying..
If they were really worried they'd take me to the doctor..
But anyways. I just don't really like people and I feel like it's not so much an anxiety thing but just more my personality?

Sorry for the rambling.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

I don't think there is anything wrong with not wanting to socialise, I'm guessing you are a teenager? It might change as you are older.
As long as its not debilitating your aspiration, I don't see any harm.
Putting you on pharmaceutical medicine when you don't need to be could make you worse.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

hi MelonSoda, from what you say, it doesn't sound like anxiety to me, some people just aren't the sociable type. me, even when i have no anxiety, i can only take company and interaction for so long as there comes a point it's sensory overload for me, which is the main reason i don't go to things like parties, gigs, city centre on a saturday, too much sensory overload. but as i said, from what you've posted, it doesn't sound like anxiety, just sounds like you don't particularly like too much socializing.

take care.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

I'm with Emma. I've never been a very social person, and I was probably more social as a kid before I was put on medicine (also as a kid). I'm not anti-med, but I don't think anyone should go on it except as a last resort. It can change you, and I don't mean it controls your mind, but it alters a lot of things in your body, and some of those things can be permanent, even if you go off the meds. It's different for everyone, and it helps some people, which is one reason I'm not anti-med, but I just think it should not be a first resort.

No offense to your mom and aunt, but they sound like they're buying into the social view of meds, whether physical or mental, that they fix what's wrong with you, simple as that. They have no idea what these needs would do for you. They might even make you less social.

Why do people think everybody has to fit their idea of "normal"? Not everybody has to be social. Some people aren't, and want to be. There are things they can try, including meds. Some people aren't, and don't want to be. To each his own.

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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm an introvert and don't like to socialize much because it drains me. The extroverts in my family don't understand this. Keep doing you. Best wishes.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

I noticed that you mentioned that you'd always been shy in consideration of not being a social person. I've learned that the salient characteristic of shyness is fear. Is there a fear associated with your not being a social individual? Just something to think about.

I've spent a lot of time doing things on my own too. But, while a younger adult, in college I met a lot more people with similar likes along with personalities and I started spending more time with that group of people. It's hard to summarize. I'm both a loner-type and a social-type. One of my close friends said it best: I have my personal time. A time where I'd disappear and be off by myself.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

I'm very introverted and shy. I don't enjoy crowds of people or large parties. I don't find it a problem though others do. It's just not me. My daughter and husband provide more than enough conversation. If it isn't enough I'll go on Facebook or here.
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Default Re: Anxiety or just not a social person?

Your mom says she is concerned about Anxiety. This tells me she cares. You may have a support person here. It strikes me though that Depression could be a problem. many people with depression struggle with the mechanics of socialising and isolate themselves as a result.

Not socialising a great deal is not a sign of failure. Some would believe that the ability to be alone is positive.

You have mentioned that you do socialise to some degree and I am happy to hear this. It means you aren't entirely isolated. Perhaps amongst these persons is an individual you can reach out to if things get tough.

Medication is not a sign of failure either. Medication is helping me lead a more fruitful life.
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