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Unread 08-25-2013, 05:50 AM   #1
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Trig Dealing with 'The flood' !!!

Hi All !

At times I am hit by almost a 'flood' of memories. Just like so many of us here I am a very emotional person. My parents passed away years ago. I remember things in a great detail ... as good as photographic. At times when something brings back memories, a lot of them hit me at once. It is almost a like Hermione's, the 'Petrificus Totalis' effect ... save the part of crashing to the floor ! It's getting harder by the day. I don't have depression per se, I remember good happy days from all times and I love them and love to remember them. It's just when I am hit by a 'flood' of it suddenly that it becomes overwhelming. What do you think about how these instances can be taken care of best ? Thanks.

Max Ra .

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Default Re: Dealing with 'The flood' !!!

Max, I can relate, You describe it very accurately, it is like a flood. The memories are quite often bittersweet......recalling things said, done, and with such detail you can almost smell the cookies. Since the flood doesn't bring you down, why don't you try to just ride it out and enjoy the memories. Think of the people you loved, cherish the memories, embrace them. For by doing so you never totally are without those you loved so well. Be well, and take care of yourself.
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