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Default I say my brother's name after he entered my room

5 Years ago, my brother, Mohammad, asked me my phone and I gave it to him but I dont like anyone to touch my phone. After that, I kept having obsession of saying his name. So his name would come to my mind and then I would try to suppressed his name. His name only comes when I have enjoyable activities. For example when I watch movies or masturbate, when I masturbate his name comes and then I cum prematurally. I end up really frustrated. 2 years later, He entered my room where again I dont like anyone to enter my room. The obssessions after that became worse and increased. So when I have a wet-dream I say his name and I dont enjoy my dream. When I exercises, I also say his name and then I get fatigue while jogging and I dont feel like running and I end up feeling no endorphins at all. Also when I pee I say his name and I my pubic muscles contract and I dont empty all the urine and as well when I play video games. This now has been with me for the past 5 years. Am I scared of him or what exactly? What the hell is going on? this is driving me crazy, I am loosing my mind. his name is intruding into my very private life and enjoyment. I can imagine the horror of saying his name while having an intercourse with my partner. What should I do?
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Hello mohammad_2018: I'm sorry I don't really know what to suggest here other than for you to see a mental health therapist with regard to this. However, I believe this is your first post here on PC. So... to PsychCentral… from the Skeezyks! May the time you spend here be of benefit.

PsychCentral is a great place to get information as well as support for mental health issues. The more you post, & reply to other members’ posts, the more a part of the community you will become. Plus there are social groups you can join & chat rooms where you’ll be able to connect with other PC members in real time (once your first 5 posts have been reviewed & approved.) Lots of great stuff! So please keep posting!
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