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Default Don't have OCD but Cannot stop Picking

I have for years been picking/cleaning my years until they bleed. I cannot stop despite them hurting actually. I've tried removing q-tips but then i resort to paper clips and pen caps. Scraping my ears multiple times again. It's like I cant control what's happening.

Does anyone relate? I have no other related traits to my knowledge.
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Well... when I was younger (a very long time ago) I did all of the things you've mentioned here although not to the extent you do. I've also been a hair puller, although again not to the extent that it ever caused me any real problems. It's just something I've always done in moderation. As a teenager I was also a serious nail biter.

I'm not a mental health professional. So I can't offer anything in the way of a diagnosis. However, from a lay-person's perspective, I would think perhaps what you're doing might fall into the category of skin-picking or dermatillomania?

Here are links to 2 articles, from PC's archives: 1 on the subject of excoriation disorder & 1 that mentions a skin-picking website. These are followed by 4 articles on the subject of habit change that (hopefully) may be of some help with regard to what you are doing:

Excoriation (Skin-Picking) Disorder

Skin Picking | Weekly Website of Note

Changing Habits: The Power of Believing | The Emotionally Sensitive Person

The Golden Rule of Habit Change

Science Says This Is How to Break Any Bad Habit

My best wishes to you...
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