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Default Out of control OCD and Insomnia

Hey guys, I've posted in other forums about this too but I need reassurance (unfortunately) because I'm now convinced I'm going to die.
For the past 4 or 5 nights in a row I've only slept 3 hours. I've gotten such a terrible sleep anxiety and whenever it feels like I'm about to fall asleep, my body jolts awake. Before this week, I still had insomnia but was getting 6 hours sleep once in awhile so things were better. With this 3 hour a night stuff, I'm actually worried I'm going to die. Can this kill me? I called into work today, not only because I'm exhausted but also becsuse I'm in bed paralyzed with fear that if I get up my body is going to collapse or something. What if I just pass out randomly?? I'm so afraid of death right now guys and I know this isn't really rational but ive never gotten this little sleep before and I just don't know what's going to happen to me!
I've tried drugs, dark room, no electronics, melatonin, sleepy time tea, ear plugs, eye mask, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and I'm seeing a therapist. Idk what to do!!!!
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My Mood: Out of control OCD and Insomnia

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Default Re: Out of control OCD and Insomnia

Well first of all i can empathize about the lack of as sleep. I am not a good sleeper at all, so I get it. I am not a doctor but I am as sure as I can be that lack of sleep as unpleasant as it is, won't kill you.

I see you take a lorazepam on a prn.Can you take it at night til you get to the pdoc to help you.Seroquel has also been helpful when I was severely sleep deprived. I have found putting on the radio low and listening to talk radio helps me, but not the real extremists on talk radio. I listen to a talk radio program that i can also get on my computer if I am away f or a bit.

I also keep very faithfully to a good sleep hygiene program including no napping during the day which isn't hard to stick to because I also have a,hard time sleeping during the day even if I am sick, I get exercise 5/7 days Did o not exercise within three hours of your usual bed time.. Watch low key programs at night- no violence, nothing too realistic. Fantasy stuff like Once Upon a Time helps, reading light stuff before bed.
And no alcohol. Also no caffeine after noon time. I do other little but important stuff, too

Hope this has been helpful!
True happiness comes not when we get rid of all our problems, but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening, opportunities to practice patience and learn.~Richard Carlson
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