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Default OCPD and Careers

Has anyone ever questioned their career choices, or future job prospects? I am currently suffering from depression/anxiety. However, there's part of me that wants to keep myself occupied with some sort of work. My problem: I am in a state of mind right now where all I can ever see myself being good at for a "longer-term" permanent job is a low-skill, low-stress, minimum wage-like job. Otherwise, something "simpler," but seemingly unrelated to my schooling.

My counselor has suggested that I look at my strengths. I finished my undergrad (B.S. Natural Resources) and after 1.5 years of seasonal positions, I tried graduate school for my Master's: I recently dropped out after 1 year. For me, it's finding something I "know" I'll be good at, with minimal stress / low likelihood of getting overwhelmed. However, I know low-skill minimum wage jobs won't suffice for very long (I am currently looking for something... anything, really, at the moment).
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Hello jjgbirder: Well... the Skeezyks questioned his career choice pretty-much throughout his life. But I just kept on doing it. Somehow, I could just never seem to get out. It wasn't pretty much of the time. Sometimes it was downright ugly!

One of the problems was that, as a member of the baby boom generation, there were always lots more people than there were jobs. Nowadays, at least where I live, employers can't find people to fill available jobs. So I would presume it would be at least a bit easier to make a change now than it was back in the day. On the other hand, I know it can be very difficult to find work that pays well unless one has high-value skills that are in demand.

There was an interesting article in one of our local newspapers today. It was talking about the large numbers of working-age men (ages 25-54) in the U.S. who are not working & not looking for work. It is estimated there are about 7 million of them. It is having a significant effect on the economy over all.

Anyway, good luck with your job search. I hope you find something that both suits your personality & that pays at least reasonably well. Even if the starting pay is not great, you can always build from there.
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Default Re: OCPD and Careers

have u considered taking an aptitude test? do something that u are passionate about; since u wb spending many hours at it
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My Paper Heart
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Default Re: OCPD and Careers

It's been a while since this was posted but I'm wondering, jjgbirder, what ever happened with this? I'm going through something similar so I'm curious.

It took me 3 years of college before settling (and I do mean settling since I always said I never wanted to do this) on a career that I ended up going to grad school for. Now I'm finding that my mental health issues are getting in the way (among other issues) and I can't keep doing it. I'm now trying to figure out some other career.

The problem with finding a new career is that I like a lot of different things, I'm usually pretty good with them, and I'm as indecisive as possible. My mind keeps floating around with the possibilities: Something in the field of law? Helping those with mental illness? Administrative assisting? Something more in the field of science, like audiology/hearing aid-related jobs? Or maybe I can go back to school for my PhD in a science field (although I'm entirely self-taught and I have nothing on paper to prove my knowledge)? I can't decide.

My psychologist helped me narrow it down to something creative and advocating for people or animals. Now I just have to figure out what can fall in those categories that can be flexible enough to work with my issues....
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Default Re: OCPD and Careers

Paper Heart, I also want to try different things. I am currently working part-time as an administrative assistant where I think my OCD traits are being helpful. At least my boss seems to think that way too, for which I'm glad. Doing nothing at home is just too suffocating. In my free time, I try everything I can think of to get the sense of the activity; from writing to cooking, reading to crafting. Advocating for others sounds tough but rewarding. Have you tried doing it even just for something small and local?
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My Paper Heart
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Default Re: OCPD and Careers

I was an administrative assistant for a while. It was perfectly aligned for my OCPD traits and I did so well there that I eventually became a de-facto (or unofficial, according to a superior) co-director of the place, creating+doing things that are still implemented at the various locations. From what I've heard, they haven't had nearly the same success since I left. However, as is common for OCPD workaholics (at least according to what I've heard), I wasn't appreciated and I was taken advantage of. {So be careful that your current admin job doesn't do that to you!} I hadn't planned to be an administrative assistant -- I didn't even start there as an admin -- so I left when I got a job in the area I wanted to be in. Unfortunately, the new job (teacher) as a really bad match for me.

One of my favorite things about being a teacher was my ability to help and advocate for my kids. I encouraged them and stood up for them when they couldn't. I also was able to identify and get help for several of my kids with psych issues.

I love to help advocate for others, even if it only make the smallest impact. I actually found someplace yesterday that I want to check out on Monday to possibly volunteer with. Hopefully it'll help fulfill me until I can figure out a new career.
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