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Frown Performance anxiety because of feeling that my penis is too small

Has anyone out there ever have some sort of performance anxiety, because they feel that their penis size is too small, or inadequate? This is what I suffer from, every time I'm about to have sex.
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Default Re: Performance anxiety because of feeling that my penis is too small

Anxiety can and does effect you mentally . If your anxiety and doubt about yourself gets to such a level I'm sure it could block your expected arousal reactions . If it happens a few times I'm sure it would start becoming an elephant in the room where you start focusing on your anxiety instead of what is supposed to be a pleasurable experience .
But your question is if anyone has ever had a performance issue . Yes I remember having one . I was 17 and it was my first go at it . I had been waiting to get my license for months so I could go to the hookers 60 miles away . When I got there I was so nervous I couldn't get it up . Felt destroyed . Dragged my *** away and spent the next week in deep thought of what could be wrong with me . I went back in grim determination a week later and while not breaking any records I got the job done , and was away after that . So yes anxiety about anything can play a part .
Pretty much you've got what you've got as far as size goes . Don't let it ruin your intimacy with a partner . You can give yourself and your partner enough pleasure if you focus on that pleasure ..and not things you can't change .
Best to finish with a joke . My mate told me a good one years ago . " guy takes of his pants ...girl looks down and sez ..who are you going to satisfy with that ? .. guy sez " me , I'm going to satisfy me with that "
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