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Default Are Men Obsolete?

“All great ideas are dangerous.” ― Oscar Wilde

"Q & A: Are Men Obsolete? Feminism, Free Speech and the Censorship of Men's Issues."

Canadian Association for Equality
On February 6, 2014, CAFE invited YouTube sensation, Karen Straughan, a Canadian human rights activist, blogger and writer, to speak at the launch of the Ryerson-based Men's Issues Awareness Society. Topics covered: male suicide epidemic and violence, lack of attention to men's physical and mental health, declining male university enrollment, parental alienation against fathers, and misandry in popular culture.
On Gender empathy gap (transcribed from the video)

We don't feel sympathy for men in any kind of issue that they're having with women and or when compared to women. It's probably the primary thing that drives most men's problems in society today.
Warren Farrell protest at University of Toronto - Full version

R v Elliott @wikipedia

"Contempt For Men Has Become Normalized" (Woman Speaks Honestly About The #MeToo Movement)

I don't know what to say. I just want the readers to know that a lot of men have been suffering, and if you didn't pay attention to these news, you'd be paying a big price with human lives.

Here are the major double standards that men want rectified:

The Paper Abortion for Men. - If deciding not to be a parent after the act of sex is okay for women, then it's okay for men too; equal is equal.

Equal Parenting Laws. - 50% automatic custody except in extreme cases. You both made your bed, lay in it TOGETHER.

Eliminating or forcing women to sign up for the draft.

Gender Equal Sentencing Laws

Gender Equal Funding Laws

Gender Equal Physical Requirements Laws - The requirements are what they are because you have to be able to pull an average 175lb person out of an inferno, and little 110 pound Patricia can't. It's not sexism, it's physical reality.

Elimination of VAWA(The Violence Against Women Act of 1994) for it's violation of men's 14th Amendment Rights.

Elimination of the pay gap myth. - No business would EVER hire men if this was true so as to maximize profits. The formula for determining the "77 cents" myth is laughably simplistic and doesn't take into account the different decisions men and women make.

Gender Equal Divorce Laws and Enforcement

Anonymity for the Accused Laws - Men are simply RUINED by the mere accusation of any sexual offense, convicted or not. Yet, accusers, who are mostly women are anonymous, but the accused who are mostly men are immediately revealed to the public. Disgusting. We must live in fear of a woman merely POINTING at us and uttering some syllables

Men's Studies courses in all Universities, or the Elmination of Women's Studies

Men's Domestic Violence and Abuse Shelters

Right to Genital Integrity for Male Babies.

Stop medicating boys in schools.

Stop painting all men as potential rapists/child molesters. - "Teach men not to rape." assumes that men are rapists by default. It would be like, "Teach women not to be golddiggers." or "Teach women not to falsely accuse men." It's the premise of the statement that's sexist, not the goal which is noble: To stop rape/golddiggin/false accusations.

These are not all the double standards, but they're the major ones. The others are minor by comparison and can be dealt with later.
The above quote is something I copied from reddit.

Paper abortion

I'm still new to this men's right issues, it's a lot to absorb. If anyone out there are willing to learn or have already been educating themselves on this topic, please share your stories here.
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

You forgot about Alimony, a stay at home mom who get's divorced she gets big $$ but a stay at home dad is told to get a job.
“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.” Gandhi
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

If you listen to the loud , drum banging, feminist extremist groups then yes they are . Thankfully those groups don't represent the majority of women in the world . Like most radical groups their call for equality is actually a call for domination , and like other extremist groups , you ignore the nutters and let them get on with their sad insignificant existence .
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

Posts like this don't help a honest debate about male vs females.
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

Originally Posted by Talthybius View Post
Posts like this don't help a honest debate about male vs females.
Why is that?
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

No. Men are not obsolete.
I go about my own business, and keep my mind on myself and my life. I expect the same courtesy from the rest of the world.
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

Not that men are more obsolete, but rather, that the market is looking to find more potential in women, especially those who would do nothing all day
Nothing personal. Hah, maybe the time has come for men to rest a bit
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Default Re: Are Men Obsolete?

Not obsolete , but like females , I see them changing to suit a new environment in the future . Once upon a time the general path for a male was to be born , go to school , then get a job and have some fun with friends , meet a girl and fall in love , knuckle down A the job focusing on making more money to support the family . Work 50 years at that putting the needs of the family first and then hopefully retire , quite worn out but with the satisfaction that they have fulfilled their role .
With relationships changing the male may evolve to be more selfish and focussed on what they want out of there own life .
So end result , with females quite rightly wanting to be more independent and wanting control of their lives , eventually the male role will change and they won't be so keen on signing up for family life .
I still think that if you sweep away the more vocal views on relationships you will still find a core of our society who still feel comfortable with traditional roles of the male and female so it will be a while before there is a total change to roles .
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