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Default Men Being Sexually Harassed at Work

With all the news about women being sexually harassment it reminds me of a story about a man being Sexually Harassed at work, but by his Boss. In this case the Boss wanted a relationship with his Employees wife "Vera". So he held the prospect of being fired over his head to force the relationship.

What's really surprising about this story is that rather than seeking legal help the man wrote to Ann Landers for advice. Her advice was shocking to say the least. It exemplifies the attitude toward men when they are on the receiving end of such harassment. She said he had no legal recourse and that he should seek counselling .

I wrote several letters to Ms. Landers regarding her bizarre advice. I never received a reply. Perhaps she was embarrassed by her advice. I even offered to get legal help for that poor man.

It sounds incredible that a man in such dire circumstances would pin his hopes for a solution on a reply from an advice column. I hope he got some real legal advice from friends along the way. By the time the response was published the skiing season was over so “Vera’s” adultery was in full swing.

An employee is expected to provide only one thing to his employer; and honest days work for his pay. He is not required to provide sexual liaisons with his wife or anyone else. Where would it stop?? Prostitutes?? A daughter??

The fact the “Vera” may be willing is totally irrelevant!! He is being expected to “Pimp” his wife to keep his job. How long is he expected to abide by this arrangement? Suppose his Boss has a buddy in town that’s horny. Should “Vera” service him also??

It may be obvious that “Vera” is conspiring with his Boss to facilitate an affair, but that an issue for a Divorcee or Criminal lawyer. I’m sure his Boss would not propose such an encounter unless he knew she was willing. I’ll bet a check of the phone records would show their covert contact. I think the man would have a good case for conspiracy and sexual harassment against his Boss and “Vera”, beside grounds for Divorce on Adultery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and Mental Cruelty.

The article appeared in April 03, 1992 Title "Sacrificial Lamb". You can read the whole article by googling that title.

I'd be interested to hear what others think of this situation or if they remember this story. I even tried to post a reward to find out if the person really existed and if the story was true. Seems incredible!!
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