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Default I Know I Have Had A Learning Disorder

But let me share with you all on here, I have been SHAMED by:
Other adults as a child
Other children.
I suffered severe trauma at age 8 I was in the middle of a nasty court custody battle between my Mom & Dad. I wanted to stay with Mom but Dad won custody ( I didn't know him) and from the 3rd grade on I haven't been right in the head SINCE. I couldn't tell time until I was about 9. I didn't know how to tie my shoes until I was 9. My stepmother would curse at me when she would DRILL me over anything from times tables to how to tell time on a clock. I could not put two sentences together to even write a composition for school. I was ignored AT SCHOOL. SO you might ask where am I at today? Well everyone I'm hardly any success story. I'm on Disability, I can hardly keep a neat apartment but at least I have an apartment with whats going on with the pandemic homelessness nationwide.
I'm unemployed.
What I hope to do is get enrolled into free job training for culinary arts a 11 week program (only option really) then attend classes 3X weekly to be an EMT with the goal to be a paramedic.
And no, NO ONE encouraged me as a child, or as an adult for that matter.
You know I should have been a text book case for a suicide.
I say this out of anger & not joy. Because I am angry. No one should go through what I've been through. EVER! Hit me up with your words of encouragement. I need them.
Wounded Warrior
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Default Re: I Know I Have Had A Learning Disorder

I'm sorry that you've gone through a hard childhood. Some people aren't meant to be parents or working with children.
Would you consider looking into a LD diagnosis? Would it help you in some way?
I hope you realize that none of this is your fault, and I hope your job works out.
Join my social group about mental health awareness!

DX: GAD; ASD; recurrent, treatment-resistant MDD

RX: Prozac 10mg; Ativan 0.5 mg PRN; Trazodone, 50mg (sleep)

Previous RX: Zoloft, 25-75mg; Lexapro 5-15mg; Luvox 25-50mg; Effexor XR 37.5-225mg

I have ASD so please be kind if I say something socially unacceptable. Thank you.
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