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Default I get bored easily

I have a minor bit high functioning spectrum of autism. I get bored easily. Itís hard for me to complete my college work if doesnít interest me. Itís not that Iím a bad student I just get bored.

However I spend a lot of time doing research on things.

Itís not Iím not smart. Itís just that I struggle with getting bored
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Default Re: I get bored easily

It's very hard for me to motivate myself to do things I don't like as well. I wouldn't really see it as something entirely bad though. Usually I'm very passionate about things I like in turn.
Of course there will be always tasks you will just have to do, even if you don't like them. But being able to concentrate on your interests is an asset too.
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Default Re: I get bored easily

I have this problem too. If it's something I really like, I can put all my energy into it. Otherwise I really struggle with feeling motivated to do anything.

This is one of my biggest problems actually - chronic boredom, but finding no interest in anything but a handful of interests. I really hate it.
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Default Re: I get bored easily

Try to do interesting things. Thus one can avoid the feel of bordem.
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Default Re: I get bored easily

I have high functioning autism too, and I understand the feeling of always looking up your interest. Iím assuming your degree is in something you are interested in or else why would you be taking it? What year are you in? If you are near the beginning, the topics are really general and it can be quite boring because it isnít what you want to do. But later in the program, youíll get more and more specific to your degree and courses will be pretty specific. It should be more interesting then. Sadly, the first little bit may be really boring, and you will just have to tell yourself that this is the only time I need to do this course and this will move me closer to my dreams.
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