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Default Dyslexia

How many of you suffer from this? It's such a constant struggle for me.

My bolding and italicizing of words are to help me with it.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

Hi. I hear you. I've have dyslexia too. I don't like that it takes me longer to get academic work done than others. But I also think that needing to come up with strategies for succeeding has made me smarter.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

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Default Re: Dyslexia

I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade. I went though the therpies for it in terms of writing and reading. I was taken off my IEP in 6th grade, but was put back on it for emotional disturbance. It still affects me to a very mild degree. Mostly in math, turning letters around, or mixing up words. I hope you find something that works for you.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

I do and it's why I hate reading. I get so frustrated, reading pages over and over because they don't make sense to me, and for how long it takes to actually finish a book.

I am lucky if I read 1 book a year these days. I also have to constantly check my typing online and texts because I mix things up so easily
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Default Re: Dyslexia

I donít have dyslexia, but some not specified learning disorder in memory and fine motor skills. Although I canít relate to having dyslexia, I can understand the struggle with having a learning disability. Iím glad you find that bolding and italicizing words help you. I hope you find other strategies to help you with this.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

Dyslexia and dyspraxia
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Default Re: Dyslexia

I have dyslexia didnít really figure out reading till I was 17. My parents never let me give up. But it was very frustrating I would have given up without them bugging me. Reading isnít as much of a chore now but writing still is. Spell check doesnít help when you spell correctly the wrong word. I will always have problems writing and get annoyed when I type a word backwards. Not to mention mucking up tenses but over the years I have found work arounds that mostly work. I would rather never write but itís hard to be on a forum and not write. And in this day and age people usually think my oops spelling is autocorrect and I donít tell them otherwise.
My kindle has open dyslexic font which helps keep the letters right way round. Which is nice. Oh and the dictionary is nice cause sometimes I lose words. You can usually get the idea of the sentence without a word but itís good to find out what that glob of letters is supposed to be. I do have to admit that the computer has made life easier because you can print things. When I was in school home computers were science fiction heck liquid paper was new. You had to write everything out correctly. Once liquid paper became available you were only allowed two corrections per page. It ment endless re-writes for me with bad handwriting and poor letter spacing. My grade 10 English teacher didnít believe in learning disabilities and would not help me. Failed that class with a mark of 39 after she took away 30 for spell and grammar mistakes. Moved in with a relative so that I could go to a different school after that

Well that was long and rambling but you do eventually figure ways to work around it.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

I was diagnosed in 1st grade with Severe Dyslexia with a possibility of an Auditory Processing Disorder. I was very fortunate to live in a family that had the means to financially get me the help that I needed to read and write. When I was in 7th grade I left the courses that where set up for me. In 9th grad I had my IEP closed. The thing about it that really kills me is that the program pretty much dissolved after I left. That is a side note really, but I really wanted to point out that I don't like how many of the programs are not funded.

I'm always going to be Dyslexic. I'm always going to make some weird sentences. I'm going to get people to irritated at me, but I made it now. I mean I can program now, and I never thought I was good enough for that.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

My daughter is diagnosed dyslexic. This has been a frustrating experience for us both. I suspected dyslexia when she was in Kindergarten. I asked everyone I could how to get testing, teachers, doctors and no one knew... finally found out where to go when she was in 4th grade!!! (Neuropsychologist at local Children's Hospital if anyone else is looking) The school system is not easy to deal with (Know your rights! I recommend free site It seems they want to guard resources like I am taking them from them personally. I have learned to advocate! But she has made great progress and is going into 9th grade this fall. It has really hurt her self-esteem and I am always looking for ways to build it. TheLifeFantastic, I can relate, I had to fight to get appropriate reading program for her. I KNOW she is not the first child with dyslexia. They changed the program for my daughter... her last year at the middle school they were changing it again but left her class alone. Sad.
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