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Default Re: Dyslexia

My daughter also has/had dyslexia and I was fortunate in that at the time Yale was doing a study on dyslexia and they tested her and explained to me where her weak areas were.
It's important to understand that just because a child/or adult has dyslexia it doesn't mean they have a low IQ actually I learned quite the opposite in that my daughter actually had/has a high IQ she just processes and learns differently. Often those with dyslexia have abilities other so called normal brain do not have, they can think out of the box and often can invent and create and many have become rather wealthy because of how they can think out of the box in ways most can't. Often the other thing that has been learned about them is they are a lot more driven than most and this contributes to their ability to survive in thrive in some unique ways. A lot of famous successful individuals had dyslexic brains.

I had to advocate for my daughter right up into her college years. Then she wanted me to stop and I agreed as long as she promised to advocate for herself.
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Default Re: Dyslexia

I am sorry this thread hasn't got much attention. I am a dyslexic too and I don't want to tell the public about it.

I also found out an article on dyslexia that dyslexic people can also become doctors.
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