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Default Difficulty driving new places and freeways

I think I have issues with spontaneity and visual processing. I just don't feel all here. I drove to the airport today to pick up my parents from a vacation, but I had to request the help of a friend/mentor figure who was available, because I didn't trust myself with the freeway exits and navigating the airport. I did okay, although I felt a bit shaky. There is no way I could have done that on my own. I'm 24 years old, and got my license just over half a year ago. I just don't trust myself to cope with new situations in driving, and I only go a set number of places.

This is perhaps just a symptom of a learning disorder I have, or else the medication I am on and anxiety, or both. But I feel really crappy about this and other things, like I'm stupid and can't figure out basic things.
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Smile Re: Difficulty driving new places and freeways

Hello hammerklavier: I'm sorry you are having difficulty with this. I don't drive anymore. But I'm an old geezer... (not that that stops most folks my age & older...) I loved to drive when I was young. But I lived in a rural area & most everything was slower then. The traffic nowadays is frightful... especially in a large city. Since you only got your license 6 months ago, you're still getting used to being out on the roads. Chances are your confidence level will grow with time. Good luck!
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Default Re: Difficulty driving new places and freeways

I also am afraid to drive. This anxiety came over me about three years ago when I was extremely depressed, rarely left the house, and had my husband drive me everywhere. I am 57 and previously drove everywhere. I am working with a CBT therapist but it hasn't been a sudden turnaround. I am still very nervous and only drive within a certain radius. HOWEVER, I have found that the more I make myself drive the better. I set goals and try to keep them. A bit further every few days.
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Default Re: Difficulty driving new places and freeways

I am starting therapy for my driving phobia and agoraphobia. I also drove everywhere and over 20 years ago, my anxiety got the best of me.
One thing i will say, as Lilypup stated, make yourself keep driving. I let my fear control me, and eventually the simplest of driving routes were overwhelming.
And know that, you are not alone in this.
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