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Confused Re: Difficulty Reading

Originally Posted by Mr. Stranger View Post
I have difficulty reading and understand sentences and paragraphs. I mean I can read words in a sentence and I understand the words individually what they mean, but I need to make an effort to put them together to understand the sentence. This means I sometimes have to read a sentence 2-4 times to understand it. I thought this is because of ADHD, but the psychiatrist I saw doubted this is the case. Could this be a learning disorder of any kind?
How long have you had this problem? I sort of know what you mean and yes, it could be a learning disorder but nothing like dyslexia, I am afraid. Do you also have a problem communicating your ideas, I mean holding a conversation with others?
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Default Re: Difficulty Reading

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Default Re: Difficulty Reading

Are you primarily a visual thinker? I am and struggle with reading comprehension problems. I have to convert what I read into images. Some words, such as and, if, and but, are impossible to convert.
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Default Re: Difficulty Reading

The brain is like a muscle, very much like our limbs, once you stop practicing and working it out you, it will become lose and less durable. Readers love to read, granted there are people that pick up language easier, however, for the most part, 'readers' are on a regular practice and pattern. I recommend to practice when your by yourself. Practice speed reading, you do this by getting a time clock and timing yourself. Keep re-reading the same page until you improve. Mastering reading comprehension is also very much about building a healthy pattern.
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Default Re: Difficulty Reading

The troubles the "writers" writing. As a teaching assistant, my assignment work with small group first graders having reading comprehension trouble defined as slower learners. Paper directions "Alphabetize words such as cat according to vowel sound." Alphabetize meant start with "first" letter sight not second letter sound. "Faster" learns reading "alphabetize" started alphabetizing ignoring "sound" directions. Works on "paper."

Strict focus on "right test" answer results in reading unknowns "right hand" motion speaking out wrong meanings from my "right side" line.
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