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Default Re: I'm Sending Out an Apology

I don't read all of your posts but I have read many of them. From my POV, you have been sharing your life journey and experiences. It is like I have seen you transition to an adult. You have chronicled your career, dreams and what is was like to survive your family's house being burned down in the California fires and how it effected your lovely cats. It has been a privilege to learn about YOU . You seem like a lovely, sweet, upbeat, creative person--I love how unique and original you are....

I can related to feeling awkward/embarrassed about some of my posts. It happens.
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Default Re: I'm Sending Out an Apology


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Default Re: I'm Sending Out an Apology

I'm just curious as to the type of negative feedback or whatever that youve received? I mean without getting specfic.
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Default Re: I'm Sending Out an Apology

(((((((( LiteraryLark ))))))))

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Default Re: I'm Sending Out an Apology

Originally Posted by LiteraryLark View Post
I've never been terrific at online support, and it's come to my attention tonight that I still have a lot to learn about online etiquette. I come to PC, as I have been for almost 10 years, to improve on many aspects of myself, be it mental health, relationships, etc. I have my own expectations on how I'd like to receive support, which is to be truthful and honest even if it must be brutally honest. It wasn't until after I lost my home in the wildfires that I've grown to love the hugs and the kind of support that can only come from PC, the kind that makes you smile and giggle, especially when it comes from a member who seems to be rooting for you no matter what pickle you're in...I do have some special PC member friends and I am working on making everyone on PC my friend.

I do not have an ounce of malicious intent in my advice-giving. I am brutally honest in my advice-giving because I expect the same. You have every right to hurt my feelings if it means I realize something I never thought I would otherwise about a situation. I do not like sugarcoating. I do not like being told something just because it is what I want to hear. I try to give advice that is objective, looking at all angles. I've learned that this is either unwanted or I am not going about it the right way. For that I am sorry. Every so often I'll be in the mood to share my thoughts and opinion about someone asking for advice, and when I do I get shut down with someone taking offense by what I say. I am not naming or referencing one person because I've had a track record of this, and I do not know how to fix this. Do people not want me to be honest, or do they not want to hear an honest opinion, that they're fishing for a certain reaction they'd be happy with? It may be both.

But I apologize to everyone on PC for my lack of tact in what I post. It is something I am working on and something I hope to improve on. Not everyone can be pleased, but my goal is to be that person that people can go to and count on for giving solid advice and support. I hate to be that person no one wants to talk to. It's heartbreaking to have to weed through people I can or can't post on. I want a fresh start, and more than anything I want to apologize.
I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling right now! I never noticed anything offensive.
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