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Unread 09-07-2010, 03:50 PM   #1
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Default Finding a place to live on SSI

Basically, I'm so fed up with where I live that I want to move out. But the subsidized/section 8 wait lists are so very long.

I guess I could look for a regular apartment or roommate, but there are so very few that I could afford getting only 674 a month.

I could just stay where I live, but seriously, my relatives don't think that I should be able to socialize with anyone else and I very rarely get to leave the house.

I just want some advice.
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Default Re: Finding a place to live on SSI

Aww Bird Sorry to hear that. I know section 8 housing has HUGE waiting lists. Can you get rent vouchers? I'll keep you in my thoughts.
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Default Re: Finding a place to live on SSI

I feel you, I'm in this same predictiment. even the 674 a month thing. The places that are "affordable" are so out of the way, and leaves you stuck if you have no transportation.
I'd say just to try what i'm doing, put in for them all the housings, you never know, one might open up sooner. I know it's a lot of work and stress, but in the long run you'll be able to get out of this situation. And if you don't now, you will most likely stay in this situation for far much longer than if you were able to start now.

there's also this site I found.. I don't know what state you are in, but maybe this site could help you as well. It's a housing/apts site for low income searches. (though i find most of them still being way out of price range though. but it still has some good ones on there.) and then if you find one you like, and can afford, you can look at or something like that, and see if you can find any move in specials, or deals and see if you can get anything off of your rent.
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