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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

I live in Japan,.First,when I was 19 years old.I used My fatherís company health care.(have to pay 30%)plus,unique in my university,2/3 of them were paid by university.So I paid 10%.
After graduation,I myself had company health care,So I have to pay 10%.but,I didnít wanted to be known Iím going P-Doc by company,so sometimes I paid in cash.
Then I quit the company,joined National health care.There is support from government for mental patients,so I sometimes paid nothing,sometimes 30%.

Now,after PTSD incident,Iím relying on,most of medical care is free.But hard to find high-quality person.or Therapists.
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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

All of my treatment has been through the VA, so no cost for me.
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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

I have a pdoc that does not take insurance. He is great but it cost me $200 a visit.
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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

I get both SSD and SSI plus I get Medicare ad Medicaid. However I do not know how to get Meridian Medicaid. I heard that if you get this type of insurance, you can get people to drive you to your appointments or whatnot. What are the other benefits of Meridian? How can you get it if you just get regular Medicaid?
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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

I get Medicare, SSI, SS and Medicaid. I live in CA, and Medicaid is known as Medi-Cal/Partnership. All my medical bills are paid in full, including therapists/shrinks. Medicare usually only pays around 80% of medical bills unless you can afford to pay for the extra premiums. In my case, Medi-Cal picks up where Medicare leaves off. Also, docs only accept the amount Medicare is willing to pay, not the full amount they would normally charge.

Medicare also has drug programs for 'us' poor folks to pay for all our meds. Only $1.25 co-pays for generic meds.....little more for brand names. Fortunately I have all generic.
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Heart Re: How do you pay for treatment?

it is getting tougher ever year.

Our deductible is now $7K/YR (before coverage kicks in).
That's far too much. We are thinking about giving up a lot of care.

May we each fully claim the courage to live from our hearts, to allow Love, Faith and Hope to enLighten our paths.

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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

The health care system in this country is great for some people and crap for others. What concerns me is that if you donít have insurance you usually wind up with no , or subpar care. This is disgraceful ! Itís all about the money and always will be , unless you get lucky. Is that how life works ? Right place, right time , and your good ?
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Default Re: How do you pay for treatment?

SSDI (Medicare) pays for me. The remainder usually gets paid thru financial assistance at the hospitals and doctors I go to.
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