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Default ODSP = Discrimination

Want to rent in Ontario while in receipt of ODSP? Good luck. One needs it especially in eastern and southern Ontario.

$489 a month? Where in Ontario can one rent an apartment for that amount???? Social housing. If you can get it. Usually it is rife with crime, drugs, alcohol, bed bugs, cockroaches and whatever....

ODSP denies one the right to safe and stable housing. Isn't that a basic human right?

Landlords discriminate. Apparently all people on ODSP are going to stop paying rent, trash their apartment, have wild parties, allow questionable people over, hoard, and deal drugs through the bedroom window.

I saw this on Kijiji: I am on ODSP (but I actually do not destroy anything and have always paid my landlords on time).

There are many ads that state No ODSP or OW even for room rentals. Most major landlords won't even rent to people on social assistance. So where are people supposed to live?

Most of us are real people who do not trash apartments. We pay our rent on time. Most of us are not involved in crime, substance abuse, hoarding, etc... We are people who for whatever reason ended up on ODSP. Do we deserve to be judged harshly?

I have never ever trashed an apartment, missed out on my rent payments, and caused chaos in all the apartment buildings I have lived in. I have a 23 year rental history and an above average credit score and I am still judged harshly due to my source of income.

Oh and a lot of people on it live in abject poverty and have to deal with constant discrimination.

Rant over.
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Default Re: ODSP = Discrimination

I'm verry sorry to hear this. Discrimination, of all kinds, is truly terrible.
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