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Default Re: can't afford to live

For your meds go to the ER , they have to treat you
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Default Re: can't afford to live

Originally Posted by zoloft haver View Post
my god, it is so easy for people who are comfy and secure in their finances to judge people who aren't. i got another lecture that this was all my fault actually for not making an appointment sooner and assuming they didn't have payment options and not taking my meds as regularly as i should have. what's the point of reporting in once a month if all i have to say is that i feel fine? it's all money. it's all a scam. i have my prescription thankfully, but she was so late i was almost late back to work. i didn't even have the energy to be outwardly angry. any time i did express my irritation with this situation she just turned it back on me and made it my fault. i don't even trust my own feelings of being manipulated. we lowered my dosage to 50 since i was taking my 100s about every other day for a while, but the whole POINT of taking them every other day was to save money on checking in with her every other month. i'm so screwed.

Wow...awful treatment, I can empathise to some extent. Perhaps it's time for a new doc
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Default Re: can't afford to live

Hey Zoloft,
I feel for you. I don't take meds, BUT I've always had money issues get in the way of therapy - by which I mean that therapists can't seem to grasp how working AND being on a low income demands a kind of courage that sitting in a comfy consulting room making judgements on other people doesn't. It's a different world, a different mind-set - from psychotherapy.

I'm now writing and possibly publishing about how poverty affects people mentally, but becoming more assertive and articulate about it has only distanced me further from the whole therapy profession.

Where I'm located we don't have subsidised clinics any more. I'm talking Western Europe - I know the US has differences.

I wish you well!! You sure sound like you are coping well with a super difficult situation, so please keep fighting and taking care of yourself cos I think you are super worth it!

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