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My Mood: Just got approved for disability payments

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Default Just got approved for disability payments

I got the letter today saying that their review panel had determined that I am disabled, and am therefore eligible for disability insurance payments. I was kind of surprised, that they'd turned it around so quickly since I only submitted the paperwork about a month ago, and that I was approved on the first try.

This is a huge relief, the payment is a higher than what I was getting on Ontario Works, which is the most basic form of welfare available. It also means I'll get vision and dental coverage, both of which I badly need.

And ironically, while I couldn't work while I was on Ontario Works, I can work while I'm ODSP, so I'm going to look for some type of part time job.

I'm so relieved.


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My Mood: Just got approved for disability payments

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Default Re: Just got approved for disability payments

That's great news! I remember how incredibly relieved I felt when I found out I was approved. I hope finding a job and working goes well for you.
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