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Post IP / Out

This morning i got out of IP. It felt like leaving home. I didnt wanna leave. I know i had to, but this time, being there for 6 weeks made me feel better. No decisions. No duties. No talking. Nothing to do... just being there. I feel like i want to go back there.

Now at home nobody bother me, my cats are awesome but i felt safer there. Im afraid I'll fall down the dark tunnel again (and feel like i never left it). Im tired

Is it common? Prefer to stay IP rather than home?
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Default Re: IP / Out

It feels a little scary when you first get home because now you have to keep yourself safe, but that feeling will dissipate. Enjoy being home with your fur babies. They need to know you are there for them. If things don't subside maybe ask the doc about IOP which is usually group therapy two hours a day.
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Default Re: IP / Out

It does feel quite odd when coming home from being ip. Be gentle on yourself and give yourself time. Do some of the things that the therapists suggested to distract yourself.

Focus on the things that are good about being out. Write down things to get them out of your head. Did they give you a number to call if your found yourself in difficulties?
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Default Re: IP / Out

I just left the hospital today and although I didn't really make any friends part of me wants to be back there instead of this lonely house full of bad memories.
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