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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

Having a whole lot more psych hospital s so there is competition. As it is now there's not nearly enough beds so no matter how bad a hospital is it will get filled cause there's no choice.
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

Rotate staff from patient centered to administrative and back again regularly.

I am a firm believer that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In prisons, they are finally not able to ignore it any longer, guards who work in special management units are beginning to be rotated out every two years because there is simply too much data supporting the fact that the longer they are there, the more they dehumanize the inmates and become sadistic. Similar studies show the same situation with police officers. But it doesn't stop there.

Even in the helping professions - places like nursing homes and daycare centers, studies have shown that the higher the average number of employment years of staff, the more complaints both civil and criminal are brought to bear on the company. No one, or at least very, very few people, go to work at either of these places so they can be abusive.

But all of these jobs require people to be in charge of people - and people who tend to be needier than the average person. Caretaker burnout is real. Unless the people working there can disconnect from that stress and still support themselves and their families, that burnout is going to be reflected in their behavior.
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