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Unread 06-18-2017, 09:59 PM   #1
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Chat How are former IP's (recent) doing now?

Just wondering how you're doing now that you've gone home after being IP?

Are you feeling better now? How long has it taken you to get back into the swing of things? Do you have any skills that you've found very helpful in this adjustment period?

*For me, me general sense of being has certainly improved since my hospitalization. I am feeling better, but no, life isn't chipper for me either. Instead, a better description might be that I've learned how to cope on harder days. I am unsure about that. The IOP that I've been attending has also helped me a lot with interpersonal relationships. I need to return to work very soon... I REALLY need the money! But, a social worker in the IOP is setting me up to see an Occupational Therapist first. Determining what I am and what I'm not able to do will be extremely helpful for me! I still really need to gain the gumption to call my job and tell them that I'm still unable to work though ~ and I am so scared to do that. I'm scheduled to work this Wed and Thu, so I need to gather the gumption to get off my heiny and do it already though. *

So, what's going on in your world??


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Smile Re: How are former IP's (recent) doing now?

Well... it's been several years now since I was IP. It was the second time around for me. The first time I attended a partial hospital program after being released from the psych ward. The second time, I just went home & took up where I left off. It's all pretty-much a blur. I guess being IP helped me at a time when I couldn't take care of myself. But otherwise it was mostly just a waste. I don't think I ever did get back into the swing of things really. Luckily I wasn't employed. So returning to work was not an issue.
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Default Re: How are former IP's (recent) doing now?

Well... This was my *gulp* 12th hospitalization in 6 years.
On the us side, I think I gained a new sense of being from being treated differently in there. Rather than staff being reactive to my behaviors, and thus causing more behaviors, it was all a non-issue. What a difference. That and being in DBT I think are making this time different. I feel calmer I think. Plus there was some natural integration of DID selves during some personal work. And my meds got changed up over the last few months, even as late as last week.
Lamictal went up
Zoloft went up
Started mirtazapine
Got off trazodone
Now they are checking one more medical issue- see if I'm having absent seizures. I'll have an EEG.
I'm certainly more dissociative with the integration, but I think I am overall more stable and my thinking isn't as chaotic. I'm employing more choice more often rather than letting emotions take the helm.
Thanks for asking and sharing!
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