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Default When Children Donít See Affection In Their Parents

My SO & I are very affectionate with our children. But Iíd have to say, for the past 7-8 yrs the affection between us as a couple, has waned a great deal. We show very little affection to each other normally. We barely kiss goodbye in the morning & thatís about all the touching we do at home like in front of the kids.
So Iím wondering how this lack of affection between us, reflects on them & their understanding of ďloveĒ, ďrelationshipsĒ etc for their future.

I grew up with my parents being very affectionate with each other. SO parents didnít show much affection to each other so our views are different.
Does this affect kids?
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Default Re: When Children Donít See Affection In Their Parents

I believe it does affect kids because it is their example of how a relationship should be. That said, affection doesnt always mean hugging and kissing. It's when you laugh together, have fun cooking, say I love you, tell stories about each other, etc. I came from a broken home. To me it is important to show love.
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