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Default how to handle school bullying

I was wondering if anyone has a child who's experienced ongoing bullying at school and felt like the school didn't handle the situation well. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

I'm a little curious to see responses to this, as well. I do have 1 son that experienced bullying. At the same time, he's on an iep and everyone jumped into action. The entire class ended up with a course from an on site social worker. That lasted for several weeks. I forget the exact name of the book that it was pulled from as far as inspiration to the topic. This son gets on site support from that department. With an iep, that's legal territory. That was last school year. He's doing well now and I can here in some in home retorts to his brothers that the services have broken through for him.

On the other hand, I find bullying these days transcends what schools can do care of social media platforms and outside school walls scenarios. Which ties into my oldest.

I'm still piecing together what drove him to claim he didn't feel safe in his new school surroundings that wound up with an honor student in pure school refusal mode. He's not on an iep. Nor does he have a 504 plan. Why would he have? I don't find that there was any proactive plan in place for his most vulnerable age/grade bracket. And with him being tight lipped-it's a great unknown. I ended up submitting this weekend his enrollment packet to a school that can accommodate him/this. But finding them was like pulling teeth.
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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

My niece was bullied badly in the middle school and my brother ended up taking her to a different school, switching schools. School did nothing to end bullying. My brother tried everything, they just wouldn’t interfere. And mind you it’s a very good school district and one of the most well off neighborhoods in my state. Still nothing was done. Shame. Luckily my niece did well in a new middle school and now is doing well in high school. But she was so stressed when she was bullied, she developed nervous tuck and stomach issues!!!
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