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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

I definitely support all your efforts Justafriend306 you really try to make things right.This had me thinking of some kid I closely knew him and his family.He was in high school about 10 years ago he got bullied but was a tough kid and fought his bullies back rightfully so.The problem was these bullies where the type of street gangster kind.They followed him home and ordered an older man to hit him in the head with brass knuckles.He was knock unconscious and stood about two weeks in the hospital with facial injuries he pulled through and was okay.Being the vicious nature of these kids being gangster like the family where to scared to tell police or alert the school thinking they might kill him.He never went to that school again.In the U.S.A these type of gangster kids is common and often make trouble to others.His poor family was like helpless to defend him with bullies this dangerous.
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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

Pretty extreme case. Very upsetting.

The reason bullying is so often swept under the carpet at our schools is in a great part that the teachers and staff are at a loss of how to deal with it. I really don't think that teachers out right choose to ignore the problem. I believe it is a case of either being unaware of the resources and procedures they have to follow, or not having their own support to do so. This is why I think it so important to actually see these procedures and policies. Are they in fact being followed. If not, why not?! By all means, if you as a parent get no answers from this then get your child out of there - but what if there is no option to do so?
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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

I agree with, Justafriend306, you should check once this will really help you get out of the situation.
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Default Re: how to handle school bullying

I'd get clever making sure cameras and voice recorders aren't needed for school bullying.
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