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Default When a parent snaps

a few days ago I went wit my very good friends son (6 years old) to the shop, and after that we wanted to place all the groceries in a car. I was very tired and nervous from my job and he was way full of energy. He wanted fast to help me and he started to place the groceries into a car without putting them into a bag first. I was on the telephone talking and he was way too faster than me.
In that point I snapped and I took his hand making him stop doing it, and I told him with an angry tone that we need to put them into a bag first.
He looked at me and said that he didn't knew that and that I could've said it first.

I don't have kids and these moments are rare for me. I also have fear of these situations where, if I have kids, I could snap or cause of various factors could not be above my drives, and kids with their speed and energy could make me react in a way I would regret just a few seconds later.

How do you manage those situations?
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My Mood: When a parent snaps

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Default Re: When a parent snaps

Mindfullness and counting to 10 and having the step by step directions in mind.
Was he back talking you, I wonder at 6 with the "you could have just said that" comment?
I find that the very act of talking on the phone brings kids to demanding attention when the hours prior to the call demanded what seemed like none...
Kids are by design meant to test every fabric of patience.
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Default Re: When a parent snaps

Part of it come with experience and time. You learn your child and they learn you. Not to say I never lose it with my son, he can press my buttons at times but most of the time it is not an issue.
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