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Alistare 01-11-2018 09:26 AM

Inform Therapist?
I am fostering a 14 -year-old with severe issues. Should I tell her therapist that she and one of the other patients in group therapy met up and ****ed in the bushes? It seems important for the therapist to know, but I don't want my daughter to hate me for it. Then there will be no chance for me to help her.

Skeezyks 01-12-2018 12:09 PM

Re: Inform Therapist?
Hello Alistare: Well... I'm certainly no expert with regard to these sorts of things. It's a complicated situation. Ideally I think the best course of action would be to talk this over with your foster daughter & then for the two of you to meet with the therapist together. Your foster daughter could then, with your support, tell the therapist what occurred.

Of course that all presumes your foster daughter would be capable of talking this through with her therapist. (You mentioned she has severe issues.) Alternatively, yes, I think it is probably necessary for you to disclose this information to the therapist. However I think it would be important for you to let your foster daughter know, ahead of time, you will be doing this & why. Also, since this is a foster child, I would presume there is some sort of social worker involved, perhaps from the county or from an agency that places children into foster care. I would presume you would have some obligation to advise them as well.

I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral! :welcome: I hope you find the time you spend here to be of benefit. :grin-nod:

I don't know, of course, if you're here simply seeking advice with regard to this particular concern or if you plan to hang in here with us. :headscratch: However, should you be planning to continue on (we hope you do)... may I suggest you introduce yourself over on PC's New Member Introductions forum? Here's a link:

There's a lot of support that can be available here on PC. The more you post, & reply to other members' posts, the more a part of the community you will become. :grouphug: Plus there are the chat rooms where you'll be able to interact with other PC members in real time (once your first 5 posts have been reviewed & approved.) So please keep posting! :yahoo:

googley 01-12-2018 05:24 PM

Re: Inform Therapist?
Hello and welcome to PC.
Yes tell your daughter's therapist. This is an important thing to have happened. Your daughter may or may not disclose this even to her therapist on her own, but it is important for her therapist to know so they can address it in therapy. If they are in group therapy together then it is probably against group guidelines also.

healingme4me 01-14-2018 10:33 PM

Re: Inform Therapist?
^^^both sets of advice make sense. I like the idea of having a discussion with her, since you're expressing concern that she'd hate you. And the point about possibly breaking group rules is why the therapist needs to know.
I commend you for caring enough to care about her feelings as her foster parent and caregiver.

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