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Default Meds, baby and PICU :(

We went on vacation for a week, returned home at about 12:00 am, i woke up early, sat on the couch and took my medicines that are stored in a weekly am/pm arrangement. I left the home with my wife still sleeping and my 6 children awake watching a DVD and one on the computer. I got a phone message asking what was in my med box. I called and told my wife what meds I had in there and the baby, 19 months old had gotten into my medicines. She bit one in half (2.5 mg), had sucked on another hardcore MS med as we could see the discolaration on one and another she bit the tip off and there were tiny medication cylinder type medication bits all over the floor. One son took her to my wife and she rushed her to our family doctor and when she got here she started walking around like a drunk person and could hardly stand up. We rushed to the ER, she was fed charcoal and intubated before being helicoptered to the next big city with a pediatric ICU. She was put on monitors, an IV for fluids and oxygen in her nose. She was poked and prodded, could not get a catheter in and she thew up a lot of thick charcoal all over. I was terrified at what might happen. We called poison control and since the MS med is so new they new nothing of what it could do. I thought she could die, she might have seizures and the one she bit in half I knew we would have to allow her sleepiness wear off. In the is back home and healthy with some wearing from her intubation irritation. It was a very scary situation. I know put my medication in a pistol gun safe with fingerprint recognition so nobody can access them. I am sharing this as a warning to be diligent in keeping medications away from babies. I have learned my lesson and hope those reading learn from the potential danger I put my baby in. We had to meet with CPS before being released and they saw that we are great parents and that it was my fault...
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Default Re: Meds, baby and PICU :(

Glad your baby survived and is healthy. What a scary, horrifying ordeal. It's an important message about precautions that are necessary with medication.

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