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mama pajama
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Default Re: I'm not a parent

Jimmy- i have triplets (age 4) who say "I'm sorry" all the time. I get worried that teachers think I make them apologize when it's the exact opposite. My kids are repeating what I say (2 are on the autism spectrum and that's a common trait) . I am so quick to apologize when I make a mistake with them. I absolutely hated not being validated when my parents were in the wrong or accused me unfairly of something I didn't do.

I also realized after having children why my parents did things I thought were so wrong. Not saying they weren't wrong, I just have more of a understanding now. Its helped me do things in a different way than my parents.
Ex- my son was taking a bath and I stopped the water bcc the tub was full. I went to check on the other two when I heard the water turn back on. I ran in and yelled at him, "why did you do that? I said no more water!" He started crying so I sat down and explained that the water can get really hot and burn him. I said I would be really sad if he was hurt, that made me scared. I apologized for yelling and he calmed down.
I always got yelled at with no explanation why. I realize now that's had a huge negative impact on me and I don't want them to go through that!
I agree with you that books and all that has its place in parenting. However I feel when I think of what I would've wanted instead of just doing what I saw growing up, acting on that seems to yield the best results with happier kids.
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Default Re: I'm not a parent

Originally Posted by jimmy rich View Post

I believe my parents BLEW it because they were afraid and just didnít know any better plus, they were TOO PROUD to see that they were messing up and needed to go find help. They foolishly took the attitude that, just because they were over 18, they knew all there was to know about parenting.

That about sums up my past parental problems. My mother didn't want to admit that there was anything wrong with me, so she just ignored my cries for help and obvious mounting issues.

My advice to parents: denying that there's something wrong with your kid is not going to protect your image or make it go away. It's just going to suppress the problem until it explodes and becomes FAR worse.
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