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Default Sick all of the time and itís really killing my mood

A year and a half ago, I had surgery to fix my severe GERD. Well...since then, my entire GI system has pretty much shut down. I have severe non diabetic gastroparesis, meaning that my stomach just doesnít really work anymore, it takes it a long time to empty food. My colon has followed suit on that one...I can never go...I go multiple days at a time, sometimes over a week, and itís painful. And then the worst...the nausea...oh god, the nausea. Chronic nausea. Every day. Itís miserable. I end up curled up in a ball just hoping my medication will kick in so that I can feel okay again. Itís unbearable. This is all really taking a toll on my mental health. Iíve dealt with chronic pain my whole life, Iíve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 6 years old. But Iíd take chronic pain any day over this nausea. Itís so miserable. I donít know how to deal anymore.
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Default Re: Sick all of the time and itís really killing my mood

Im so sorry to hear that. I am like super protective of my digestive health. I was gonna say, head to tail - but i dont brush my teeth as often as i should (tho i do floss). This might show me. Again, so sorry. And my stomach is certainly tied to my psychological health. If i get anxious, everything tightens up and stops.

So i know there are anti nausea meds, like promethia-something, but its a controlled substance. But dang so good. Do you have to take those new poop meds? Does exercise help? If you dont want to talk about it, thats okay too.
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Default Re: Sick all of the time and itís really killing my mood

Did you have a nissen proocedure for GERD? I'm so sorry things are so slowed down. Have you been back to your surgeon about it? Surely there's something that can be done.
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