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Help I cant "go"

it all strated 6-7 years ago when i started taking clozapine. it helped me tremendously, but has a huge side effect i always chose to ignore because the pros are far better than the cons, but now im tired, so TIRED of not being able to poo without laxatives help.

my belly doesnt move, like ever. i dont feel the physical stimulus to go except when i take a good amount of laxatives. i can go 2 weeks without going to the bathroom. i've tried herbs, diet, more water, mild natural laxatives but without results.

i've been complaining about it for a good while with my doc, my pdoc, my T and my parents. except for my T, nobody seems to worry about it. my doc gave me some other mild laxatives and thats it. i took blood tests but they were ok. so what do i have to do?

im tired of complaining with my doc cause he makes me feel like im whining for nothing. my T keeps asking me how i am but what should i say? i am always the same. nothing ever improved the situation except for when i stopped taking the clozapine. but im not sure (and nobody is sure) that quitting it, i'll be ok.

i dont know what to do. my parents say its my fault because i dont eat right. they may be right to a certain point but i refuse to believe its all about dieting. when strong laxatives dont work, it doesnt sound to me its a simple diet issue.

i feel unheard, uncared, guilted and alone in this. i've been struggling for years with it, now im tired. im tired of waiting for the weekend to feel free to take laxatives to empty my belly. my belly is always bloated and it often hurts.

i want someone to hear me and help me understand what is wrong with me. because something is wrong, right? what can i do?
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Default Re: I cant "go"

If it's taking that long between going, then there's a problem. When I have a diverticulitis flare up, I'll consume dill pickle brine. I swear it heals it every time, without pills from the doctor. The acids break up the stuff, the salts draw water. Another natural laxative for me is a lot of chocolates but that gets into a whole other world of painful coming out.
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