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Default Re: Urination Issues

Last year, when I went pee, something hurt and felt different. It felt something was stuck but came out. There was blood on the toilet paper and in the bowl. I felt sick and almost passed out. I went to the walk-in clinic and they tested my urine and sent it off. Came back negative. After awhile, I gave up on bitching to doctors about it cause they found nothing. Even was sent for an ultrasound, nothing showed up.

I haven't been sent for a CT scan.

Doctors seemed it was all in my head as all the tests I got done showed nothing (urine samples and the ultrasoun). I got to a point where I cried and begged to be referred to someone after being told to wait another few weeks to "see if things will calm down" nothing has ever calmed down.

Dealing with this for 2 years... I believe it has been longer than that I just kept it to myself.
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Default Re: Urination Issues

When you went to the walk in clinic they didn't say it was possible you may have passed a stone?Because that's what it sounds like might have happened.
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Default Re: Urination Issues

I didn't know you had pain. That sounds more like interstitial cystitis, my cat has that where it is called FIC. You can now tell people you were diagnosed by someone on the Internet because their cat had it. No, I'm kidding, I know that's nuts and of course no one can diagnose here.

Cats with this, have a problem with the lining of their bladder. This is worsened by stress. In both cats and humans it can get worse by eating certain foods. My cat needs a daily replacement to help build up the bladder lining. It is probably but not proven to be autoimmune. In cats, they are encouraged to drink more water, because they actually realize, just like people, that drinking water causes peeing which they dislike. Drinking too little water can further hurt the bladder. In humans this translates into drinking water, not tea, coffee or sodas. My cat is totally dependent on glycosaminoglycan, which here is just a replacement and needs no prescription.

I would be very surprised if this is not used in the human form, since cats and humans actually have a very similar bladder.

In cats it is just guesswork, in humans they can go inside the bladder and look. But even then it can actually be hard to diagnose.

Take this for what it is, a story about my cat.
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