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Unread 11-17-2009, 12:49 AM   #1
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Default question about chest pain (from continuous cracking of the bones in it)

I never intentionally mean to do it, but everytime I stretch my arms back, my chest bone 'pops'. I used to joke about it with my friends and say "oh I just cracked my chest again', but now the bones in my chest are very tender all the time from constantly having cracked it for years. It hurts quite a bit when I stretch now and every time I do, it still 'pops'. It feels like the bone is popping in and out of it's... socket? Is there such a thing in the chest?

Should I be concerned about this? It feels like my bones are bruised and they are really tender to the touch in my chest. And now when my chest pops, it often hurts (It didn't used to hurt). I'm worried one day the bone will just break. Could that happen? Is there anyway to stop it.. It just always pops when I stretch and tilt my body back.

Edited to say I forgot to mention, the reason I think it's hurting is because it really feels like it needs to do one huge pop to relieve the tension in my chest. I think if I can get one huge pop from my chest, it would feel so much better, but it only slightly cracks now and won't do another big pop for me. I don't know but it just doesn't seem normal to have this?

Also.. I was told a few years ago from my doctor that I might have an extra rib because I have thorasic outlet syndrome.. do you think that could have any correlation with the having to pop/crack my chest all the time and having it sore from that?

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Default Re: question about chest pain (from continuous cracking of the bones in it)

My chest also pops. I sometimes get pain in my chest that feels very much like you are describing...stretching pops it and the pain goes away. There have been a few times when it was several days before the *pop* happened...the pain was absolutely horrible then. It IS possible for ribs to become displaced slightly, it is also possible for then to become dislocated. n either case, the popping sound would be the rib moving back into place.

I would suggest finding a D.O. (osteopathic doctor...has all the same privileges as an M.D. in primary care), or a massage therapist that is certified in osteopathic manipulation. Either one would be able to gently realign the ribs (if that is indeed your problem), and teach you ways to minimize and prevent the problem.
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Default Re: question about chest pain (from continuous cracking of the bones in it)

yup, see a Dr. so that you can gain new perspective on this, and if any changes need to be made, you will have an ally.

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