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Default Getting the lies out of my system

I have a tendency to lie about certain things - mainly schoolwork and my personal relationships - and I'm sick of it, especially regarding school. I'm getting myself into too much trouble by saying that I've already turned in assignments that I haven't even finished, or saying that I just "forgot" to go into classes to get extra help. I'm lazy, and I'm afraid of facing the consequences of my actions, but I need to change all that sooner rather than later.

Should I come clean to my parents and tell them that I lied about finishing some things for chemistry class..? I've talked to my teacher and there's nothing I can do to make up the missed work, so my only option aside from coming out myself and telling them would be to keep making excuses and put off telling the truth for as long as possible... but I know that that won't last for long.

I want to tell the truth, and I want to change myself, but it's difficult and nerve-racking.
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Default Re: Getting the lies out of my system

Are you doing this possibly due to anxiety issues? I know I had really bad anxiety and depression in school, and I couldn't focus enough to finish my assignments on time and had trouble with organizing things. I ended up getting treated for anxiety and depression and went on medication that helped a lot.

I would sit down and talk to your parents about it.
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Default Re: Getting the lies out of my system

I don't lie i'm just too undisciplined to change my habits
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