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Default Stumbling through life transition

Hello all, I am a first time comment or. I've tried to go to therapy before, but have had trouble talking effectively. Is this an appropriate forum to air my challenges?

For the first time in my life I don't feel like I am increasing losing control and don't have a great plan for my future, which I increasingly feel may require a significant overhaul of my personality that I believe has served me well to date.

To sum it up quickly, I feel my goal oriented and independent/introverted personality will have diminishing effectiveness as I age. I am already seeing a lot of this as a parent of a 2 year old. My goals feel more and more hallow (many are also athletic in nature), my friendships are dwindling and I have limited time, energy and motivation to figure out how to manage this.

To compound these intimidating challenges, work has been very stressful and I feel I've had too many responsibilities to balance and can see I am easily agitated and no where near as sharp as I normally am. To top it off I have increasingly indulged with stress-releases like eating, drinking, self pleasuring, binge watching and such.
Obviously, there is a ton more to it, but I think that summarizes the important challenges. I've been trying to look for a new job (although I worry I may not find a better one), tried meditating and am trying to create more structure in my and my families life. I just today decided I wouldn't keep alcohol in the house for myself, but these changes always seem easier to confront when I am not this stressed.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions or thoughts for someone struggling to come to gameplan for middle age (and beyond)?
Let me know if there is some other place that may be a better fit for what I am looking for.

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Hello hutson: Since this is your first post here on PC... to PsychCentral… from the Skeezyks! May the time you spend here be of benefit.

I don't know as I have any particular suggestions for you here. I'm an older person. And you may find members more your own age, & in similar circumstances, will be better able to suggest ways of handling what you are dealing with. I'd have to say that, if memory serves, it sounds like pretty-much "the norm" for parents of young children.

It's difficult to say whether or not Habit Change is the best forum for you to be posting in. It certainly makes sense. One of the considerations that comes up though is with regard to how many members spend time on the Habit Change forum. Some forums are much more active than others. I don't know how active Habit Change tends to be. However, from my perspective, what is probably of more significance than what forum would be best for you to post this concern in is how active you are in the forums in general. The more active you are, assuming you want to be, the more members will come to know you & the more replies you will receive when you post a new Thread, if that makes sense. And then there are also the chat rooms where you will be able to interact with other members in real time, should you wish to do so, once you've had 5 posts reviewed & approved.

PsychCentral is a great place to get information as well as support for mental health issues. The more you post, & reply to other members’ posts, the more a part of the community you will become. Plus there are social groups you can join & the chat rooms where you’ll be able to connect with other PC members in real time. Lots of great stuff! So please keep posting!
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"In other traditions demons are expelled externally. But in my tradition demons are accepted with compassion." Machig Labdrön, Tibet, 11th Century
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