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Default Re: Tips for getting off clonazepam?

thanks for the new replies! I made this post a while ago, so quick update: got off zoloft because it sucked and getting off also sucked. Am now on lamictal and clonazepam. my PDOC is on maternity leave now and we'll start weaning me off when she gets back (sometime in June)

smitkit, I appreciate your concern about my intentions on getting off! but my PDOC agrees it'd be beneficial to get off. I have the full support of my PDOC and my family. I have no plans on doing this by myself or without help! your "scared straight" comment reminds me of my therapist's suggestion to stop avoiding the things that make me anxious. challenging myself and my limits is incredibly hard, short term, but in the long run has helped me so much

I also should've mentioned I'm not really worried about anxiety coming back, because it's natural to be anxious, but I'm worried about "rebound anxiety" and how to deal with that. I've heard lots of horror stories of how hard and potentially dangerous getting off benzos can be, online and from friends, and how "rebound anxiety" can happen and your anxiety is worse than when you started. That's a bit scary to think about tbh.

deejay14, thanks for your tips! I did DBT a while ago and was thinking of working on my old DBT workbook as refresher. I just skimmed a bit of Dame Heather Ashton's getting off benzos info and it looks helpful! I'll read it more in depth later and probably talk to my PDOC about it.

thanks to everyone who replied! since the day is getting closer for me to start tapering off I really appreciate everyone's input
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My Mood: Tips for getting off clonazepam?

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Default Re: Tips for getting off clonazepam?

Keep taking care of you! And stay in touch with your doc. You sound in great spirits!
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Default Re: Tips for getting off clonazepam?

Originally Posted by Smitkit View Post
Thatís so interesting. Itís interesting what different drugs people have a had time getting off. I have never had trouble with benzos either, but wow did opiates give me hell when I was younger. Then suddenly at 30 I said Iím sick of docs and Walgreens, and canned the oxy.

I read this interesting article about how child abuse and neglect causes developmental issues at The mu and kappa opiate receptors. This could explain the major correlation between childhood abuse and opiate abuse.
When I was geting off Clonazapine, I was IP and I truly thought I was going to die. It was a horrible experience. I did get off of it with medical help, but the panic was never ending. Benzo's in general are hard to stop. Be really careful getting off of it.
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