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Default Quit Cold Turkey

I quit Vraylar, Wellbutrin, and Ambien four weeks ago and FEEL GREAT. I think I was misdiagnosed with bipolar all these years. I'm just an alcoholic druggie in recovery! Yes I'm clean and sober. My mood swings from drinking and drugging looked like a mental illness. Even after months of being sober I was still affected by paws...Post alcohol withdrawal syndrome...It is my brain trying to adjust to a life without substances... Includes mood swings and anxiety...Looks like bipolar. I decided mental illness for me was bs and it's proving to be true. I wonder how many others are misdiagnosed bc no Allie or addict likes to be honest with his doctor.
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Default Re: Quit Cold Turkey

I've been told that 3/4's of addicts/alcoholics also suffer mental illnesses and that 3/4's of mental patients do/have self-medicated with drugs/alcohol.
All I know is that I rehabbed twice for drugs/alcohol with no good coming of it. The third time I was admitted dual diagnosis (Bipolar II) and that time it worked. Seven and a half years sober and still on the meds that keep me sane.
Good luck to you on your journey!
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Default Re: Quit Cold Turkey

They are not fighting you if you didn't see at the bottom of their post "good luck to you on your journey!"

Don't persecute others for talking facts of what they have found to be true! I am a recovering alcoholic and yes I take meds but...

Maybe quitting your meds cold turkey without a doctors consent or gradual plan of a attack! Like the rest of us who get of meds do it!

My question to you is do quit everything in your life cold turkey?

Yes this may be a forum about getting off psych meds...but would consult another person whose been on them for years and years to quit cold turkey like you?
Love, Light and Happiness!!!
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