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Default Re: Mail deliver - is it this bad everywhere?

Recently my package came to the post office but I didn't get a notice, neither physical nor electronic. Only after I'd, contacted the sender she checked online and said it was already in my town. I went to the post office and yes, it had been there for several days.
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My Mood: Mail deliver - is it this bad everywhere?

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Default Re: Mail deliver - is it this bad everywhere?

My mail came early today for once. And my prescription payment booklet came today too. We were not sure if it had gotten lost in the mail or what. But we had asked for one on December 29th, and were starting to get worried since itís almost February and I want my meds to be covered by my insurance.
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My Mood: Mail deliver - is it this bad everywhere?

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Default Re: Mail deliver - is it this bad everywhere?

An update! One of the packages (the one that they said was being held at my request) was delivered yesterday (Tuesday, first day after the holiday) - along with ALL the mail that should have come Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (per Informed Delivery).

It's so incredibly frustrating. I'm glad that I finally got that package (still no word on the one from my mom). As I said, I understand that Informed Delivery isn't really set up to be 100% accurate and that things might end up being a day or two late, here and there - but to have NOTHING at all delivered for 3 days before a holiday weekend, then everything dumped the first day back, just feels like they're not doing their jobs.

Anyway, I'm glad my package came - perfume samples from a little indie place, so I'm really happy to have those to try. One was a special winter scent (that's not available anymore) that smells like a fireplace, in a castle, in Scotland - whiskey, smoke, wood, and wool blankets. I really like it!

eskielover That's crazy that it ended up somewhere totally off the route, but good for you for being persistent and locating it! I can understand that sometimes things get shuffled around, but - it had a correct address and return address, I don't understand how it doesn't end up forwarded on to the right location. Maybe it would have made it there, eventually, but you got it moving a bit faster?

Mopey Yup!

Medusax - I know that they used to have a reputation for being unstoppable, the whole "neither wind, nor rain, nor... " thing. I can even understand/accept that when the weather is really bad here, it makes sense to not send them out (no use in putting more people in harm's way and causing more accidents). I just wish they would own up to things - instead of blaming the customer. You know, mark something as, "We're so sorry, we're currently short staffed and we weren't able to get your package to you today. It will be first on the list for tomorrow!" - something like that would help, and would at least give you a sense that they were on top of things, rather than looking completely incompetent ("What? You didn't ask us to not deliver your package? Are you sure, this form says that you did? And, by the way, we don't have it... we don't hold packages here, you'll have to go somewhere else, but I can't give you that address.") *Arghhghghhghgg* - lol.

And yeah, you'd think that they'd realize the importance of the stuff that they're delivering. *sigh*

Velvet Lounger - That sounds smart! Sad that you can't trust them, but smart!

Seeker33 - Isn't that kind of crazy though? What if someone sent you a gift, as a surprise? You wouldn't know to contact them, because it would be unexpected. I'm glad you were able to get your package though! That's good!

Mountaindewed - Glad your prescription book came! And, you know what's funny, when my mail comes early, I bet it's usually because they have somebody else doing the route (not the regular person). I only say that b/c last week when it was early and I was able to stop the carrier to ask them to check for the package, the person told me that they weren't the regular assigned carrier, they were just filling in (and they were very nice, offered to double check the truck for me, but there wasn't anything else that they could really do).

Glad you got what you needed though.

I have no idea what happened to my mom's package. No updates on the tracking I'm a little scared that she may have made a mistake with the address. She *shouldn't* (I've been here for 10 years) but she seems to be getting a little... wobbly mentally, maybe. She sent me something today that was supposed to be about finding freelance work, but it was actually about online auctions (And no, I don't blame the Post office if she messed up the address, but I'm still worried about the package!)
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