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Confused Puberphonia

So I just found out what puberphonia is and I think I have the condition. Except I used my regular voice with my friends and a high pitched voice with my family. I'm 16 and want to stop doing this so I decided to use my regular voice with my family. It feels really weird. Will I get used to it?
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Default Re: Puberphonia

i think you will get used to it. It may take some mindfulness to consciously do it. Maybe have your family remind you when you slip.
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Default Re: Puberphonia

You're at the age where your voice is naturally changing because of puberty. Relax, it's a natural process and you will outgrow it. Once you're in your 20s your "adult" voice will become more prominent.
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Default Re: Puberphonia

Voice pitch has a lot to do with how we breathe. A good breathing exercise, one that helps you remember to breathe deeply and fully (but not hyperventilate) is this:

Lie down on your bed. Place one hand on your chest. Place the other hand on your stomach. Practice breathing so only the hand on your stomach moves. That way, you know you're getting air all the way to the bottoms of your lungs.

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