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Default Do I have a tic or something else?


I'm hoping to get your input. I have this issue where I "snort" a lot. Basically, it is similar to sniffing when you have a stuffy nose, but more of a snorting sound. I went to my doctor and ruled out a medical cause. No sinus infection, no drainage, etc. I went to a counselor who tried a few different medications like buspar to see if it would help, but it didn't. My current counselor thinks it's a tic. I believe it's something I do in reaction to how I feel. If I'm not feeling well, I do it. I also have a few other behaviors I do too. Pretty much I feel this way all the time. I also notice I blink my eyes (or squeeze them tight kind of) when I get stressed and grinding my teeth when I get angry. I am on zoloft (we've even tried upping the dose) but none of these things have gone away nor has it helped. If this is a tic, is there anything I can do about it? I'm not sure what to do.

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Default Re: Do I have a tic or something else?

This reminds me of a relative of mine, he does exactly the same things. He also stutters somewhat, especially under stress. All of this is for life (in his case) and all of this originates from a deep psychological trauma which he suffered at a very young age. Although Im not sure what it was. I also know that it kept getting worse with age. He is now 65ish I think and had a major depression + psychosis about 10 years ago.

My point is: you should seek professional attention imo. There has to be a deeper underlying reason for this.
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Hello Nevich: I noticed this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to Psych Central.

I'm sorry your concern is not one I can comment on knowledgeably. However here links to 3 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that may be of interest:

Tics | Encyclopedia of Psychology

OCD, Tics, and Tourette Syndrome

Myths & Truths about Tourette Syndrome

I don't know if there is any possibility this could be a neurological problem. However I just thought I would also draw your attention to Psych Central's sister website: NeuroTalk. That might be another forum to check this out on. Here's a link:

NeuroTalk Support Groups

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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