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Default Question.

I need some advice.

I am pretty sure I am in a TV show (like the Trueman show) & I am 100% sure about this as I feel the cameras on me, I have strong evidence I am in a TV show.

I told my therapist about this & she been trying to tell me I am not & trying to get me to see how she things & she says it might feel real to me & in my head etc but it's not & I think she is a part of this TV show. I told her that.

She text me tonight & said if there was anything she can do to prove she is not a part of the TV show. I am confused & 99% sure she is a part of the show but I still got 1% doubt so I wanted to ask is there anyway or anything she can do to prove she is not a part of the show, to help that 1% climb to 2% etc.

If any one has ant ideas on what she can say or do to help my doubt grow to 2% I would appreciate it, I can't think we'll a the moment cos I am pretty sure she is a actress in the show & just acting her role with me. I am all confused right now.
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Default Re: Question.

I doubt that your thoughts actually equate to reality. However....instead of trying to prove one way or the other...would it be the worst thing if you are right? In TV shows the guy always gets the girl...the nice guy always wins..and good triumphs over evil. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

The thing is... that it matters not what is 'actually' happening...What matters is how we perceive and react to it.
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Default Re: Question.

I'm so sorry, colouringrainbows Is there anything concrete in particular that mkaes you believe this, or is it just in your mind? In any case, I'd suggest to talk to your Pdoc about this and see how it goes from there. Maybe that could help. Maybe there are some meds that could help you out with this. Keep going to therapy and hopefully you will improve with time. Please don't give up. Things canand will get better. Wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes. Sending many hugs to you
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Default Re: Question.

I too am wondering on what basis you are convinced of this. Have you actually seen cameras? Signs of the technology and logistics necessary to film every aspect of your life? This would entail being followed your every waking moment for which it would be obvious to see the trail of people and devices. I would start searching for the truth rather than assuming it. What about the role of other people? Can you honestly say that every individual is part of this conspiracy? People in third world countries even? For that is what would be entailed if in fact you were the centre of a television show.

When it comes for example to your therapist, I'd like you to consider that whether being filmed or not, she is still a professional and thus has your welfare and best interests at heart.

Why you by the way? If you were the subject of a tv program why would you be the one selected?
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Default Re: Question.

What channel or network is your show on? I need to watch it, before I can give an valid opinion.
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Default Re: Question.

Sorry you are going through that ColoringRainbows. That sounds jarring and stressful. Have you read about Truman Show Delusion? Did your therapist mention it? It is accepted as a real problem experienced by some folks including quite a high profile athlete. Perhaps do a search and see if it strikes a chord with you. You can read other people's reports of it.

Peace and healing energy to you.
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